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MACSxpress® Separator

The MACSxpress Separator contains a powerful permanent magnet that induces a strong magnetic field within the tubes. The magnetically labeled cells will adhere to the wall of the tube while the aggregated erythrocytes sediment to the bottom. While the tube is still inside the MACSxpress Separator, the supernatant containing the non-labeled target cells can be carefully pipetted into a fresh tube.

With MACSxpress
 Technology, untouched human leukocyte subsets can be isolated from whole blood, buffy coats, and LRSCs (buffy cones) without density gradient centrifugation. The MACSxpress Separator enables cell isolation from up to 30 mL of sample in a single step and can be used with 5, 15, or 50 mL tubes. The MACSxpress Starting Kits contain MACSxpress Separators, a MACSmix™ Tube Rotator, and a MACSxpress Isolation Kit free of choice; starting up has never been easier.
 The MACSxpress Separator is for use with MACSxpress Beads only.
 The MACSxpress Whole Blood Starting Kit cannot be combined with the MACSxpress Whole Blood Treg Isolation Kit (130-109-557).